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(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q.) So why the KHL?

A.) Well, to be honest, it was the NHL lockout. Being a huge hockey fan and being Canadian I found myself bored to death. The lack of hockey in my life lead me to the discovery of the KHL. Not that I didn't already know of it's existence, but now I could actually watch the games made me more aware of this great league. Also watching some of the NHL players overseas made this transition logical and fun to watch.

Q.) How did you come up with the stats for each player?

A.) Unlike EA Sports, I programmed a utility to plunk in real data from the official KHL website. Each player has had their stats put into my calculator individually. There is a 100% non-bias system used. All stats are generated using the current 2013 season. Each player in the game has played at least 20 games in the season and if they didn't, we used the previous seasons stats and so on. Our entire system is based on averages, so it doesn't matter how many games they play, it matters how consistent they are.

Q.) What's with the low overall ratings on most players?

A.) Most player's in the KHL simply don't have the overall talent in real life that their NHL counterparts do. Our program takes this into account and the majority of KHL players fall between 55-70 overall. However, there are exceptions to this. Some of this leagues players are highly skilled and will exceed 70 overall ranking. Also, some player's have played in the NHL and KHL and we've adjusted their skills according to our algorithm, effectively updating EA's ratings. A good example of this is "Kevin Dallman" of SKA. In NHL13 Kevin was ranked as a 58 overall, while in our KHL game he's a 90. He's one, if not the best overall D-man in the KHL (At least according to stats).

Q.) I see some players that have better overall ranking then some NHL players that are obviously better then them, why is this?

A.) NHL13 is based on the National Hockey League, our KHL league is based on the Kontinental Hockey League alone. Each player in our league is compared directly to every other player in the KHL. If you see a player in our game, that is 90 overall, it doesn't mean he's better then Ryan Kesler. It means his rating in our game is fantastic and that compared to other players in this league he's a star.

Q.) Why are there league leader tables on the homepage, are you planning to post KHL stats?

A.) No. We are planning to do a full simulated league using our custom KHL teams and thus will be posting those stats online. It's an idea that we are discussing for a "REAL" fantasy league where the games are simulated and the results are posted live on this site each week. Right now it's for fun, but we plan on making a custom hockey pool in the future where people can log in, pick a fantasy team and bet fantasy money.

Q.) That sounds fantastic! Will the public ever be able to bet real money?

A.) Eventually if we get enough users and the site becomes what we think it might, then yes. We'll let people choose players, join a league pool and wager through pay pal donations. The winner at the end of each season will have 90% of the total donated to the pool put back into their pay pal account. Pool entry will be very little ($2-$5) CAN, so it will be mostly for bragging rights.

Q.) What algorithm did you use to determine these stats?

A.) A program made from scratch. However, for sake of argument, we will not be releasing this program to the public. It's a trade secret.

Q.) Why only 14 teams instead of 26?

A.) Well we originally planned on making every KHL team, however part way through this project we found out that EA Sports put a hard cap into the game that only allows 175 custom players (skaters) to be made. We seem to be able to make all the goalies we need, but can't continue on until this is either patched or until NHL14 comes out (which we are boycotting until this bullshit is fixed).

Q.) Why is Atlant's team not their real full team?

A.) Like I mentioned above, we simply ran out of custom player slots, so we made as many as we could, then filled in the team with other lone-wolf KHL players that were pre-made in game and some other north american Russians and that's what we came up with. Donbass is in a similar boat, but we filled them in with their National players.

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